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What Silicon Mix Bambu Adds to the Hair Care Brand’s Allure?

The Silicon Mix Bambu is a special Silicon brand hair care variant, which takes full advantage of the benefits of bamboo. While loyal users of the original product may be hesitant to use a different mixture, they will not be disappointed with this particular variant. Here are a few tangible reasons to consider.

It provides a more appealing scent.

In comparison to the Dominican brand’s earlier variants, Silicon Mix Bambu has a more pleasing scent. This does not mean to say that the previous brands stink. It just means that the bamboo-infused selection has a scent, which does not reveal too much of its healing properties as some products have the tendency to do. For example, some hair dyes will leave potent traces of the salon even after washing your hair thoroughly a few times. The bamboo variant from Silicon Mix, on the other hand, is designed to boost any woman’s confidence by not revealing her secrets too much.

It does not sacrifice richness for easy application.

Some women complain about products being too thin, merely splashing on the floor right after application. However, Silicon Mix Bambu is serious about its role in hair care. Apply it on your hair, mixed with water, and you can produce a rich lather that will not only heal your hair, but also provide you with a soothing feeling.

It balances strength and softness.

Bamboo has been associated with strength. Its fibers are known for their resistance, so imagine if these characteristics will be translated into the hair of a woman. The resistance to splitting, strength and abundance that the new ingredient has added to the mix definitely add to the overall allure of Silicon Mix Bambu hair products. Of course, it is not enough to rely on the reputation of bamboo as a source of strength and softness. Women who have tried the product have noticed better resilience and smoothness in their hair.

It heals the hair.

Through all the above descriptions, you can now affirm that the product heals hair. If your hair is dry or suffering from split ends and other hair atrocities, then this is the product to try. If you are a previous user of the other hair variants from Silicon Mix, at least see if this will suit your hair.

Do remember that every head of hair is different and may react to the same product differently, but the makers of this product has made a good attempt to address natural and curly hair.