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If your hair is thin or fine then making it look or actually grow thicker can become an obsession. It is really unfair to see pictures in hair and beauty magazines of women with thick long hair when your hair seems unable to barely hide your scalp. It can be really depressing.

You could either try to grow more hair to make your hair look thicker, or you could disguise how thin it really is by using what would more or less amount to make up for your hair. Make up for your hair? While that may sound absurd at first it certainly exists. It may not strictly be called hair makeup, but it serves the same purpose.

So when we talk about makeup for hair what are we referring to? Well any product that will make your hair appear thicker. One basic rule to making your hair appear thicker is by darkening it. So dying your hair a darker colour will give the illusion that your hair is actually thicker than it really is.

What if you have unsightly patches you’d like to hide? Like portions of your scalp that are visible? Well the solution is to use a hair darkening powder. There are many on the market, specifically marketed to both men and women who would like to make their hair appear thicker and hide bald or sparse patches of hair. The great thing about them is that they come in different shades, so matching your hair colour should be pretty straight forward. The colours range from blonds to dark brown and black.

So using a thickening powder is a great way to make your hair appear thicker. What other options are available if you have fine hair. Well one of the most annoying issues with fine hair is how easily it is weighed down by hair products that are designed for normal or oily hair. The conditioning agents in shampoos, conditioners and hair serums may not produce the desired results when used on fine hair and end up weighing it down. To overcome this, use products that are designed for use on fine hair. Manufacturers understand your hair issues and therefore use less conditioning ingredients so your hair isn’t weighed down.

Other alternatives to using products specifically designed for fine hair is using volumising products. These could be volumising shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. There are also new products introduced to the market on a regular basis. One of the latest is dry shampoos which can be used while you are out and about. Before splurging on an expensive product that may not be suitable for your particular needs, it is worth checking to see if you can try a sample first. Hair product manufacturers often give away free samples so that their existing and potentially new customers can try out a product before spending their hard earned cash on it. This really is the way forward these days because a product that may work for others and that may have received rave reviews may not work on your hair. So if you have a chance to try out a new product for free then by all means go for it because you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain